'bad pa

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effort, endeavor, to fall [RY]

ft. of 'bad pa; 'bad pa, 'bad pa, 'bad pa, 'bod trans. v.; concentrate, diligent, exertion, perseverance, effort, apply one self, put effort into, persevere in, be diligent, exert one self, recite, earnestly, exert [yourself], exert [yourself] in reciting, diligent; to strive, make effort; effort, endeavor, exert one's self, apply one's self, effort, trouble, struggle, strain, endeavor, striving, pains; pf. of 'bad pa , be diligent in [RY]

to strive/ make effort [RB]

study hard, endeavor, earnestness, exertion, try, exert oneself, make effort, cultivate, rear, take care of, SA 'bod pa, strive fervently, to strive, to persevere in [JV]

effort, exertion, endeavor, perserverence, struggle [IW]