'bog pa

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phas bu la nor 'bog pa like a child who receives his father's inheritance [RY]

be extracted, uprooted, pulled out, dislocated, unhinged, unload, grow loose, come off, drop off [JV]

'bogs pa to fall down in a fit/ have a seizure [RB]

1) 'bog pa, 'bogs pa, 'bog pa, 'bogs trans. v. . 2) 'bog pa, phog pa, dbog pa, phog; 3) 'bog pa, bog pa, 'bog pa intr. v.; ft. of first 'bog pa; intr. ft. of 'bog pa; to be rooted out, uprooted, pulled out, to be put out of joint [RY]

1) release; 2) give; 3) make an effort; 4) sink/ coagulate; 5) fall down on; 6) be rooted out/ uprooted; 7) be pulled out [of joint] [IW]