'bras chos nyer lnga

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25 attributes of fruition. The five kayas, fivefold speech, five wisdoms, five qualities, and five activities. Also called the 'continuity adorned with inexhaustible body, speech, mind, qualities, and activities.' [RY]

Twenty-five qualities/attributes of fruition [GDMK, fundamentals, pt 4, pp 000-000, as explained in the nyingma tantras, the five buddha-bodies sku lnga the five modes of buddha-speech gsung lnga the five kinds of buddha-mind thugs lnga, the five enlightened attributes yon tan lnga and five enlightened activities phrin las lnga (gd-mk] [IW]

the 25 qualities / attributes of fruition, these are the five bodies sku lnga, the five modes of speech gsung lnga, the five kinds of mind thugs lnga, the five attributes yon tan lnga, and five activities phrin las lnga [RY]

25 qualities/ attributes of fruition [IW]