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Thunder dragon [RY]

dragon *, thunder[ous], clap, crack, Bhutan, Drukpa Kagyu [IW]

1) thunder, thunderous, clap, crack. 2) Bhutan. 3) - Drukpa Kagyu [RY]

dragon symbolical of thunder, thunder, lightning, whirlwind, mythical winged dragon, 1 of 12 dus tshod, Bhutan [JV]

Dragon [RY]

dragon [animal in the 12 year cycle], thunder[ous], clap, crack, Bhutan, drukpa kagyu (IW)

Turquoise Dragon concept

From The Life of Shabkar, in his own words from pgs. 505-506:

"If you make offerings to the deities and the

Three Jewels,

Your aspirations are being fulfilled;
If you rely upon the lord guru, you are

succeeding in this divine Dharma;

Even as you meditate, experiences and

realization still arise;

If you have great love and compassion, you

already are helping beings.
May whoever hears this song
Know both the Dharma and the world.

After I had sung this, everyone became filled with faith and respect. The sun shone upon the clouds, a rainbow appeared, and a fine rain fell gently. At this moment, a turquoise dragon alighted on the ground, drank some water, and rose again into the sky with roars of thunder. Everyone watched and said "Extraordinary!" Some elders added: "We heard the rumbling of the turquoise dragon filling the sky, but we never thought we would see this dragon itself. This year, it alit on the ground and we saw it. We heard the fame of this Precious Protector resounding throughout and sunny U-Tsang like dragon's thunder, but we never thought we would ever meet him. This year he came to our place and we met him. If this is not good fortune, what is? In this life nothing better could happen to us!"

"We all have reason to feel extremely happy." (MR-ShabkarNotes)