'byed pa

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phyes, dbye, 1) discriminate/ distinguish; 2) divide/ separate; 3) initiate/ start; 4) differentiate; 5) open/ uncover/ disclose, unlock; 6) classify [IW]

1) open; 2) distinguish/ discriminate; 3) reveal/ uncover; 4) separate/ divide; 5) (classify; 6) do [IW]

differentiate, discern, discriminate, distinguish [thd]

distinguish, discern, discriminate, differentiate [RY]

open, divide, place apart, unloose, separate, keep asunder, disentangle, disunite, set at variance, part, divisiveness, classify, to move away from [JV]

to distinguish [RY]

to open [RY]

'byed pa / phyes pa / phyed pa/ dbye ba to differentiate/ distinguish/ analyze/ divide; analysis/ differentiation; isc. to distil [RB]

'byed pa, phye ba, dbye ba, phyes trans. v.; 1) to open, open up; uncover. 2) to separate, divide, classify. 3) to reveal; 4) to distinguish, differentiate, analyze, discriminate. Alt. past and imp. of phye or phyed or phyes fut. dbye v.n. 'bye ba 5) analysis, differentiation [RY]

discriminate between [RY]

1) to delineate, differentiate, discern, distinguish, discriminate; 2) to analyze; 3) to divide, classify, separate; 4) to reveal, uncover, disclose; 5) to open, open up, unlock; 6) to teach, tell, show, explain, disclose, elaborate, give instruction (figuratively) [Erick Tsiknopoulos]