'cha' ba

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1) ppafi: 'cha' ba, bcas pa, bca' ba, 'chos tha dad pa: gsar du bzo ba dang/ gtan la 'bebs pa to set up, formulate, base, make newly, settle, ascertain, formulate. | yig srol 'cha' ba. sgrigs lam bca' ba to make/formulate a code of behavior/ rules/ regulations; | tshul khrims bcas pa. 2) khas len pa. | dam bcas pa. khas len dam bca' ba. 3) ppafi: 'cha' ba, 'chos pa, 'cha' ba, 'chos tha dad pa: mur mur byed pa, to chew. | sha 'cha' ba to chew/chewing meat. khyis 'chos pa chewed/bitten by a dog. gcig gis gcig 'cha' ba to chew/bite one another/each other. 'cha' rlom pa. 4) ppaf: 'cha' ba, bcas pa, bca' ba tha mi dad pa: gtan du sdod pa'am chags pa. | gnas 'cha' ba. mal 'cha' ba. dmag sgar bcas pa. skyil krung 'cha' ba. rgod tshang brag la bcas pa. II) p. bcas. vi. i) to prepare, to establish, to draw up. ii) to make a promise. iii) to chew. III) i) to make, prepare, construct. ii) gnaw at, snap at. [RY]

make ready, draw up, prepare, construct, adjust, make a vow, promise, assert, be attached to, snap at, mangle [JV]

bcas pa to set up/ formulate/ base (on) [RB]