'don pa

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'don pa, bton pa, gdon pa, thon trans. v.; 1) to chant, recite, utter, lament, 2) to pull out; bring out, take out, come forth, bring forth, come out, come up, mention, put forward, exit, cause to come out, draw out, to cause to come out, put forth, bring; cause to go out, come forth, expel, throw out, eject [RY]

bton pa to elicit/ cause to emerge/ eject; to shed [RB]

1) chant, recite, read, say, intone; 2) cause to come/ put forth; 3) expel, throw/ take/ bring out; 4) make cease; 5) put aside; 6) empower, install; 7) AR food and drink; 8) produce, publish; 9) mine [IW]

drag for, dredge up, ladle out, put forward, bring up, mention, take out, scoop out, draw out, issue, utter, deliver, appear, chant, derive, discharge, eject, emerge, extract, ooze, shed, cause to go out, cause to come forth, expel, throw out, pronounce, dismiss, drive forth, elevate, raise, take, taste, eat, drink [JV]