'dren pa

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1) guide/ lead[er]; 2) draw[tight]/ drag/ pull; 3) induce; 4) [met] Buddha; 4) fascinate [song]; 5) establish; 6) give food; 7) count/ calculate [IW]

to draw it up again [RY]

draw, pull, conduct, draw along, invite, chief, lord, husband, guide, leader, draw (breathing), pulling, to induce, contraction (holding pulled towards the back), SA rlung bsang brgyad [JV]

Guide; nayaka. Common epithet of a Buddha [RY]

'dren pa, drangs pa, drang ba, drongs trans. v.; bring, bring [water], cite, derive, drag, draw, draw out, draw tight, elicit, guide, induce, instruct, invite, irrigate, lead, lead, lure, mount [a horse], pull, quote from [books etc.], think of. See also gdan 'dren pa; to guide; (to) guide/ lead; to serve (feast) [RY]

to take with me [RY]

(to) guide/ lead; to serve (feast) [RB]

1) to guide; 2) to draw out, pull, 3) the Guide (epithet for a Buddha). Mahāvyutpatti: नायकः ॥ nāyakaḥ ॥ 'dren pa ॥ འདྲེན་པ་ [Erick Tsiknopoulos]