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drawn to [IW]

[p 'gos/ gos] 1) start/ beginning; 2) front/ initial stage; 3) head/ chief/ leader; 4) source; 5) stain/ get/ be stuck on; 6) catch/ be infected w [IW]

1) start, beginning, front, initial stage. 2) head, chief, leader. 3) p. 'gos or gos vi. to get on. 4) source. 5) to stain, to dirty [RY]

drawn, origin, source, foremost, in front, beginning, the first, SA mgo [JV]

1) first, foremost, to the fore, at the front, leading; 2) beginning, first stage, from the first, at the outset; 3) to stain, get dirty [Erick Tsiknopoulos]