'go ba

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'go ba, gos pa, 'go ba tha mi dad pa: 1) to be tainted, stained, sullied, contaminated, defiled, tarnished; shan zhugs pa dang/ sbags pa'am 'byar ba, "to be adulterated / influence by (zhan zhugs - see infra) or to be saturated/filled with (sbags pa) or to adhere to/stick to ('byar ba)." | 'go ba'i na tsha 'gos pa. skyon 'gos pa. gos pa'i nyes pa. 2) i) vi. to have a substance (like ashes, dust, etc.) involuntarily stick to something, to get something on oneself. lag par tshon gos 'dug, Paint got on his hands. ii) vi. to catch (illness), to be infected, nga la kho'i cham pa de gos 'dug, I caught his cold [RY]

stain, lose color, dirty, sully oneself, infect with a disease [JV]

1) weak; 2) filled/ saturated; 3) connected [IW]