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ppafi; 'gog pa, bkag pa, [[dgag pa], khog/khogs va. to block, obstruct, stop, hinder, limit, end, cease. 2) to counteract, detach from each other. Syn so sor dgar ba Syn 'bal ba 3) to fill, stuff. 4) to pick. 5) to pull out, pluck. 6) to resist. mi 'gog unobstructed [RY]

decay, to block, obstruct, ban, break [JV]

/ [p bkag, khog!]; 1) block/ obstruct[ion]; 2) stop/ hinder[ance]; 3) limit/ end; 4) cease[action]; 5) counteract/ resist/ hold out against; 6) detach from; 7) fill/ stuff; 8) [p bkog],, pick/ pull/ out [IW]