'jang sa dam

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'jang yule region [IW]

'jang yul region [presently in the great region of yun nan to the west kyi ta li dang li cang etc. village/local district, sa dam ni of that particular of li cang only is the name, by combining splintered families which in the king of Tibet Songtsen Gampo's time were only few they got rulership of the region, from 649 to 902, for 253 years khva la kag, kag lo bong etc. 13 kings in succession arose. By the rulers of Tibet these were called younger brothers and, the kings of thang too wang gi 'ja' sa lan du ma bstsal, t' ming in the case of royal succession to that lord of the region the status of 'jang sa or king was given.] [IW]