'jig pa'i bskal pa

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kalpa of destruction [third of the four kalpas] [After the kalpa of remaining until the period of emptiness, when the inhabitants, sentient beings' emanation in birth as sentient beings interruption begins. Intermediate kalpa at whose end the environment, the world, is destroyed by fire, water, and wind. Syn: bskal pa'i mtha' dang, 'gro ba zhig cher 'jig 'jig bskal, dus bskal, dus mtha', zad bskal, rab thig, rab nub.] [IW]

period of dissolution of the universe, age of destruction, 1 of bskal pa bzhi [JV]

kalpa of destruction [third of the four kalpas] [R] [IW]

kalpa of destruction [IW]

the aeon of destruction, period of destruction [of the world] [RY]