'khor lo bzhi

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four seats or cakras, SA gsang ba'i 'khor lo, srid pa'i 'khor lo, gcod pa'i 'khor lo, sprul pa'i 'khor lo), 4 cakras (spyi bo bde chen, mgrin pa longs spyod, snying kha chos, lte ba sprul pa). (JV)

the four wheels/ chakras [the four wheels of practice [IW]

the four chakras, wheels. 1) sprul pa'i 'khor lo. 2) chos kyi 'khor lo 3) longs spyod kyi 'khor lo 4) bde chen gyi 'khor lo. [II] -- the four wheels of practice. 1) thun pa'i yul na gnas pa which dwell in a favorable country. 2) skyes chen bsten pa to follow a great being. 3) rang nyid legs smon one's individual good aspirations. 4) sngon bsod nams bsags pa having accumulated merit formerly. [III] 1) snying khar chos kyi 'khor lo the wheel of phenomena at the heart. 2) mgrin par longs spyod rdzogs pa'i 'khor lo the wheel of enjoyment at the throat. 3) ste bar sprul pa'i 'khor lo the wheel of emanation at the navel. 4) gtsug tor du bde chen 'khor lo the wheel of great bliss at the crown. (RY)