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fit, suitable, conform with [JV]

1) in accordance (with), in accord (with) in conformity (with), in concordance (with), in concord (with), in conformance (with), in harmony (with), in consonance (with), in correspondence (with), in tune (with), in compatibility (with), in uniformity (with), in congruity (with) (for) (i.e. dang 'tsham par); 2) according (to), harmonious (with), consonant (with), compatible (with), congruous (with); 3) suitable (for), appropriate (for); 4) contend, hurt, condemn; 5) scorn, insult, jeer, vex, scoff, mock, sneer. See 'tsham pa and dang 'tsham par [Erick Tsiknopoulos]