'ub chub

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'khor 'das 'ub chub all-embracing consummation of samsara and nirvana [RY]

'ub kyis chub pa to encompass/ embrace fully; (to embrace) the whole/ in one fell swoop; to be thoroughly perfect; all-encompassing/ all-embracing; fully embraced/ encompassed; isc. to consummate [RB]

subsumed; ex 'ub chub par thag bcad resolve that all are subsumed within being . . . [RY]

perfected, all-embracing consummation, all-encompassing [JV]

1) included completely; 2) instantaneously perfect; 3) united and complete; 4) included and perfected [IW]

instantaneous perfection; included completely, 'ub pa means to collect together, chub pa means perfected or accomplished, instantaneous perfection, untied and complete; (to embrace) the whole/ in one fell swoop [RY]

all-embracing consummation [Erick Tsiknopoulos]