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kun khyab

all-pervading, pervades everything, omnipresent, all-pervasive, universal, that which encompasses all things, void space, sky, four quarters of heaven, he that takes away misery, all-pervading enemy, snatcher, lord of death, present in everything, to pervade each and every thing. (JV)

(met); 1) space 2) directions 3) the Lord of death 4) Buddha all-pervading [all-permeating embracing/ encompassing widespread, omnipresent, universal]. (IW)

all pervading; 1) all-pervading, all-pervasive, all-permeating, widespread, omnipresent factor, universal, embracing all, all-encompassing. Syn kun tu khyab pa. 2) the sky. 3) epithet of the lord of Death. 4) the ultimate reality or the wisdom of a Buddha. / poet, sky, firmament (lit. all-embracing). epithet of the Lord of death. universally, generally. (RY)

all-pervasive/ pervading. (RB)