dgon pa

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wilderness; monastery. [RB]

Eng. pronunciation: Gompa.

1) monastery, gompa, vihar, monastic institution. 2) remote, solitary place, hermitage, desert, wilderness, a solitary place, a place far away from a town or village. a hermitage the distance of one rgyang grags away from a village. [RY]

chos sde, = dgon pa, = abbey. [RY]

temple, retreat, hermitage, monastery, wilderness, solitary place, waved-leaf fig-tree, monastery, convent, monastery. [JV]

monastery, vihara, remote solitary place, hermitage, desert, wilderness [aarnyam) place of solitude more than a rgyang grags from a village, place where the Sangha lives. Syn klog grwa'i gnas, mkhas gnas, chos kyi grong rdal, chos kyi 'dun sa, bdud rtsi khang, dben pa'i gnas, zhi ba'i grong, bsam gtan khang. [IW]