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bkad sa

1) a bake-house. 2) kitchen. 3) cook's shop. 4) open hall. 5) shed; 1) inn. 2) one's own dwelling place. 3) drawing-room. 4) kitchen; 1) place where corn. 2) barley etc. are parched. 3) bake-house. 4) kitchen; inn, one's own dwelling place, drawing-room, kitchen. [RY]

place where barley or corn is parched, bake house, kitchen, cook's shop, one's own residence, open hall or shed erected on festive occasions. [JV]

1) dining hall; 2) kitchen, cook's shop, place grain is parched; 3) assembly place; 4) open hall, shed; 5) inn; 6) 1's dwelling place; 7) drawing-room. [IW]