bkan pa

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bkan pa, bkan pa, bkan pa, bkan trans. v. 1) to face upwards; to turn up [anything by applying a stick at its foot or root]; 2) to put, press, apply; 3) to bend backwards. 4) to brace, push, lean against, support. [RY]

uproot or turn up anything by applying a stick at its foot or root, bend, put, press, apply, hold fast, extend. [JV]

(tha dad pa) 1) turn upwards [hand]; 2) brten pa'am support, brace/push/ lean against kha phyogs phyin ci log tu 'then pa pull..rkang pas rtsig par bkan pa,...rdog pas bkan pa,...skam pas gzer bkan pa; 3) not assert; 4) pull bend backwards/ in the wrong direction; 5) turn up [anything w a stick at the bottom] (6) put, press, apply). [IW]