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bka' drin gsum ldan bla ma

see also: བཀའ་དྲིན་གསུམ་ལྡན། - bka' drin gsum ldan

the master possessing the threefold kindness:

  1. སྡོམ་པ། - (sdom pa - giving precepts);
  2. ལུང། - (lung - reading authorization).
  3. ཁྲིད། - (khrid - teachings of the sutra tradition).


  1. དབང་བསྐུར། - (dbang bskur - conferring empowerment);
  2. རྒྱུད་བཤད། - (rgyud bshad - explaining the tantras);
  3. མན་ངག་གནང་བ། - (man ngag gnang ba - giving pith instructions of the tantric tradition). (RY)

Guru endowed with Threefold Kindness. Those are the kindnesses of 1) administering precepts (sdom pa), 2) giving reading transmissions (lung, and 3) providing guiding instructions (khrid). Or, 1) conferring empowerment (dbang bskur), 2) explaining the Tantras (rgyud bshad), and 3) granting pith instructions (man ngag gnang ba). [Erick Tsiknopoulos]