bde bar gshegs pa

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Sugata. [IW]

1) sugata. lit. blissfully-gone one who has gone to bliss, a buddha, 2) the Sugata, the Buddha (Syn. Tathagata, Buddha). [RY]

Sugata [one who has gone to bliss, buddha, depending on the lam bde ba, the bodhisattva vehicle, having gone to the fruition bde ba, buddhahood, one is called a bde gshegs. lam bde ba is more wholesome, virtuous and fruition more like mahasukha. [IW]

Sugata, blissfully gone, one arrived at a state of bliss 1) The historical Buddha Shakyamuni. 2) Any fully enlightened being. [RY]

sugata. [RY]

sugata/ one arrived at a state of bliss. [RB]

tathagata, sugata, goal-seeking, self-regulative quality of life, see also bde gshegs, epithet of buddhas, one who has passed to nirvana, Joyful One. [JV]

Sugata, Bliss-Gone (One) , Bliss Farer, Bliss Faring One. Common epithet for a Buddha. Mahāvyutpatti: सुगतः ॥ sugataḥbde bar gshegs pa ॥ བདེ་བར་གཤེགས་པ་ [Erick Tsiknopoulos]