Adding A Page To A Category

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Categories are crucial

  • Every time a category link is created at the bottom of a page, the page is automatically added to that particular category listing, making it easy for others to find.
  • Multiple categories can be added for a single page.

To add a category link

  • Go to your page and press edit
  • At the bottom of the page type "[[ ]]" and between the brackets type "Category:The Name Of The Page"
  • To see the actual formatting press edit above and then scroll down to see the formatting for the following category listing:

For Translators

  • When you have created a hyperlink for one of your translations (chose a unique name), then, after having saved the page, as it appears in red color, you can click on it and it opens up a new page, which is basically your's to write about that particular translation. Please include the title in English, Tibetan/Wylie, original author, etc., and --- the category marker: "Category:Database of Translations" inside those square brackets.