Analytical meditation

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Meditation in which each thought is analyzed.

analysis and meditation/ investigation analytic rational, inspecting, investigative, examining, scrutinizing, analytical investigation [IW]

analytical, rational, introspective and precise inspection of as many aspects as possible of discursive thought and causes of emotional reaction/response. Intensive analysis of thought and process. It is meditationally examining, scrutinizing, analyzing and active investigation of thought dharmas, ie., all thought. [RY]

analysis and meditation/ investigation analytic rational, inspective, precise inspection, investigative, examinative, scrutinizing, analytical investigation [way of meditating on emptiness, the meaning of egolessness la by prajna having been so sor dpyad pa analyzed, meditating in space free from all complexities dbyings su mnyam par 'jog pa'o] [IW]

analytical/ investigative meditation; meditation involving mental analysis/ investigation [RB]

the examining meditation [RY]