Dorje Chang Thungma

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A Short Prayer to the Kagyü-Lineages called „rdo rje ‘chang thung ma“, by Bengar Jampal Sangpo [15/16 century]

rdo rje ‘chang chen tee lo nA ro dang
mar pa mi la chos rje sgam po pa
dus gsum shes bya kun mkhyen karma pa
che bzhi chung brgyad brgyud pa ’dzin rnam dang
’bri stag tshal gsum dpal ldan ’brug pa sogs

Great Vajradhara, Tilopa, Naropa,
Marpa, Milarepa, and Lord of the Dharma, Gampopa,
Knower of the three times, omniscient Karmapa,
Holders of the four greater and eight smaller lineages,
Drikung, Taklung, Tsalpa, glorious Drukpa and so forth.

zab lam phyag rgya che la mnga’ brnyes pa’i
mnyam med ‘gro mgon dvags po bka’ brgyud la
gsol ba ’debs so bka’ brgyud bla ma rnams
brgyud pa ’dzin no rnam thar byin gyis rlobs

You who have thoroughly mastered the profound path of Mahamudra,
Incomparable protectors of beings, the Dagpo-Kagyü,
I pray to you, the Kagyü lamas,
Grant your blessing that we may uphold your tradition and example.

zhen log sgom gyi rkang par gsungs pa bzhin
zas nor kun la chags zhen med pa dang
tshe ’dir gdos thag chod pa’i sgom chen la
rnyed bkur zhen pa med par byin gyis rlobs

Revulsion is the foot of meditation, it is said.
Hankering after food and wealth disappears
For the meditator who cuts off ties to this life.
Grant your blessing that attachment to honor and gain cease.

mos gus sgom gyi mgo bor gsungs pa bzhin
man ngag gter sgo ‘byed pa’i bla ma la
rgyun du gsol ba ‘debs pa’i sgom chen la
bcos min mos gus skye bar byin gyis rlobs

Devotion is the head of meditation, it is said.
The lama opens the door to the treasure of quintessential instructions
For the meditator who continuously prays to him.
Grant your blessing that uncontrived devotion will be born within us.

yengs med sgom gyi dngos gzhir gsungs par bzhin
gang shar rtogs pa’i ngo bo so ma de
ma bcos de kar ‘jog pa’i sgom chen la
bsgom bya blo dang bral bar byin gyis rlobs

Undistracted attention is the main body of meditation, it is said.
Whatever arises, is the fresh nature of realisation,
For the meditator who naturally rests just so.
Grant your blessing that meditation is free from conceptualization.

rnam rtog ngo bo chos skur gsungs pa bzhin
ci yang ma yin cir yang ‘char ba la
ma ‘gags rol par ‘char ba’i sgom chen la
‘khor ‘das dbyer med rtogs par byin gyis rlobs

The essence of thoughts is dharmakaya, it is said.
They are no thing whatsoever, and yet they arise
For the meditator who reflects upon the arising of the unceasing display.
Grant your blessing that the indivisibility of samsara and nirvana will be realized.

skye ba kun tu yang dag bla ma dang
’bral med chos kyi dpal la longs spyod cing
sa dang lam gyi yon tan rab rdzogs nas
rdo rje ‘chang gi go phang myur thob shog

Throughout all our births, may we not be separated
From the perfect Lama and thus enjoy the glory of the Dharma.
May we completely accomplish the qualities of the path and stages,
And swiftly attain the state of Vajradhara.

zhes pa’ang ban sgar ‘jam dpal bzang pos mdzad pa’o

Composed by the one called Bengar Jampal Sangpo TSD