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The Drogmi Translation Project’s goal is to bring to the public important texts vital to the preservation of the Sakya Tradition in English translations.

One of the most famous and productive translators of the eleventh century was Drogmi Lotsawa Shakya Yeshe, who studied directly under many famous masters at Nalanda University during his twelve year sojourn in India, including Naropa and Ratnakarashanti. While Drogmi Lotsawa translated many tantras and shastras into Tibetan, he is most famous for his reception of the most famous teachings of the Sakyapa tradition, The Path with the Result lam 'bras and the Hevajra Tantra, which he then passed on directly and indirectly to founders of the Sakya tradition. The Sakya tradition then is the main upholder of various Vajrayana traditions that Drogmi Lotsawa brought from India to Tibet. Therefore we have adopted his name in order to honor his pioneering activity and in order to invoke the blessings of his productivity and qualities as a translator, scholar, and practitioner.

The project’s activities have already brought to fruit some remarkable translations -– the complete songs of Jetsun Dragpa Gyaltsen have been translated and published in the Visions Series, and we plan to bring them out as a single volume in a bilingual updated edition and a selection from Dezhung Ajam’s important text, The Great Drum, clarifying the Sakya Founding Master’s view of the all-basis and the inseparability of samsara and nirvana.


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