Extra verses to A Supplication to Pierce your Heart with Devotion

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Extra Verses

chokgyur dechen lingpa khyenno
zungjuk drubpey longney zik shik
mindröl kyedzok zabmöi lamney
dönnyi lhün-gyi drubpar dzö chik

Chokgyur Dechen Lingpa, think of me.
Regard me from the expanse of the siddhi of union.
Through the profound path of ripening and liberation, development and completion,
May the twofold welfare be spontaneously accomplished.

orgyen chökyi wangpo khyenno
zhenpen khakyab longney zik shik
rangdön yijey lo-ngen zhiney
jangchub semchok jongpar dzö chik

Orgyen Chökyi Wangpo, think of me.
Regard me from the all-pervasive expanse of benefiting beings.
Pacifying my obsession with selfish aims, such an unwholesome attitude,
May I be trained in the eminent bodhichitta.

mipham jamyang namgyal khyenno
sheja künkhyen longney zik shik
ngedön zabmöi gongdön tokney
zungpob lodrö gojey dzö chik

Mipham Jamyang Namgyal, think of me.
Regard me from the expanse of total omniscience.
Realizing the profound intent of the definitive meaning,
May the gateway to intelligent recall and eloquence open wide.

gyalsey tashi özer khyenno
zhenpen tukje longney zik shik
labsum jang-yön taru chinney
zhenpen khadang nyampar dzö chik

Buddha-son Tashi Özer, think of me.
Regard me from the expanse of compassionate altruism.
Perfecting the qualities of the three trainings,
May the benefit for beings be as vast as the sky.

rigdzin natsok rangdröl khyenno
rimnyi zabmöi lonney zik shik
tsawa yenlag damtsig namdag
wangzhi tokpa gongpel dzö chi

Vidyadhara Natsok Rangdröl, think of me.
Regard me from the expanse of the profound two stages.
With utterly pure root and branch samayas,
May the realization of the four empowerments deepen.

drubchok shakya shiri khyenno
nangzhi tarchin longney zik shik
lama sangye chökur tongney
dön-gyü gongpa phowar dzö chik

Eminent siddha Shakya Shri, think of me.
Regard me from the expanse of the four visions perfected.
Perceiving the guru as the dharmakaya buddha,
May I receive the transmission of the realization of the ultimate lineage.

Written by Shenphen Chökyi Lodrö at Tsandra Rinchen Drak.

gyurmey ngedön wangpo khyenno
zungjuk dechen yingney zik shik
dorje lamchok tsantab dröney
chokgi gyaltab rangwang dzö chik

Gyurmey Ngedön Wangpo, think of me.
Regard me from the basic space of indivisible great bliss.
Directly traversing the eminent vajra path,
May I master the supreme kingdom.

jikdral yeshe dorje khyenno
gyutrül drawey longney zik shik
nangdrak dorje sumdu seney
dechen tikle chiktu dum shik

Jigdral Yeshe Dorje, think of me.
Regard me from the expanse of the net of magical creation.
Awakening sights and sounds as the three vajras,
May they unite within the single sphere of great bliss.

The devoted Sherab Gyatso requested an amendment to the blessed vajra words of the great Jamgön, to suit the lineage master of the empowerments and transmissions of the Rinchen Terdzo. Therefore, Jigdral Yeshe Dorje (Kyabje Dudjom Rinpoche) added these two verses to be used by devoted people in their daily chants.

gyalsey wangchok dorje khyenno
meri barwey zhingney zik shig
madag gyulü chak kham dagney
sergyur yeshe minpar dzö chig

Buddha-son Tersey Wangchok Dorje, think of me.
Regard me from the realm of the Blazing Fire Mountain.
Having purfied the iron-like element of my impure illusory body,
May I transmute it into the gold-like original wakefulness.

tersey tsewang norbu khyenno
kadag tsaldzok yingney zik shig
anthey zhendzin trülpey dzünri
denmey chökü longdu kyel chig

Tertön son Tersey Tsewang Norbu, think of me.
Regard me from the space of perfected strength in primordial purity.
May I realize as insubstantial the deluded falsehood of rigid clinging
And bring it into the expanse of dharmakaya.

chogtrül könchok gyurmey khyenno
chogtün lhündrub zhingney zik shig
densum dorjei kuru minney
rigdzin namzhi drubpar dzö chig

Supreme emanation Konchok Gyurmey,
Regard me from the realm of spontaneously accomplished supreme and common siddhis.
Having matured the three seats into the vajra body,
Help me realize the four vidyadhara levels.

ngedön drubpey dorje khyenno
lhündrub dechen longney zik shig
tsalung gyuwa dhutir timney
naljor zhiyi drebu dzö chig

Ngedön Drubpey Dorje, think of me.
Regard me from the expanse of spontaneously present great bliss.
After the flow of energies in the channels has dissolved into the dhuti,
Help me realize the fruition of the four yogas.

gyurmey tsewang tenpel khyenno
rangnang rimey longney zik shig
nangwa denmey semsu tokney
khordey yermey drubpar dzö chig

Gyurmey Tsewang Tenpel, think of me.
Regard me from the expanse of unbiased experience.
Having understood that unreal appearances are mind,
May I realize that samsara and nirvana are indivisible.

ngawang trinley gyatso khyenno
longyur yeshe yingney zik shig
longnyam yedröl tsalchen dzogney
rigpa zhitog pebpar dzö chig

Ngawang Trinley Gyatso, think of me.
Regard me from the space of perfected original wakefulness.
Having fully perfected the strength of the originally free expanse of equality,
Help me let awareness settle into the ground.

grubwang chimey dorje khyenno
tsepeb chökui zhingney zik shig
nangzhi tsalchen kechig dzogney
zhönnu bumku drubpar dzö chig

King of siddhas, Chimey Dorje, think of me.
Regard me from the dharmakaya realm of reaching culmination.
Having perfected the great strength of the four visions,
Help me realize the Youthful Vase Body.

rigdzin karma sang-ngak khyenno
drodül trinley zhingney zik shig
khamsum khorwa dongney trukney
drebu kusum tobpar dzö chig

Vidyadhara Karma Sangak, think of me.
Regard me from the realm of activity to benefit beings.
Having overturned samsara from its depths,
Help me attain the fruition of the three kayas.

In accordance with the wish of Karma Orgyen (Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche), the supreme incarnation of Tsangsar, this prayer was offered by Negang Chokling Pema Gyurmey. May it be virtuous!

jigmey khyentse özer khyenno
drodül tukje longney zik shik
zhenpen jangsem gyüla kyeney
dreltsey döndang denpar dzö chig

Jigmey Khyentse Öser, think of me.
Regard me from the compassionate space of taming beings.
Having generated altruistic bodhichitta in my heart,
May I benefit whomever I meet.

drubsey karma orgyen khyenno
riktong yeshe yingney zik shik
gong-gyü leychen bula phowey
tokpey gyalsa zinpar dzö chik

Siddha son, Karma Urgyen, think of me.
Regard me from the wisdom space of awareness and emptiness.
Having received the mind-transmission as your destined child,
May I seize the kingdom of realization.

Written upon request, by Kyabje Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche.

Just before the verse for the root guru, according to individual preference, you can add these extra verses for: Chokgyur Lingpa, Paltrul Rinpoche, Mipham Rinpoche, Tashi Özer, Adzom Drukpa Natsok Rangdröl, Shakya Shri, Gyurmey Ngedön Wangpo (Kyabje Dudjom Rinpoche's root guru), Kyabje Dudjom Rinpoche, and Kyabje Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche, Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche, as well as the lineage masters of Chokling Tersar. Since this edition was mainly published for disciples of Kyabje Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche, the verse supplicating him was inserted within the published text.
In second edition, I have been fortunate to include a recently found set of verses to the lineage masters of the Chokling Tersar. They were written by the third incarnation of Chokgyur Lingpa at Neten Gompa at Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche's request.

This edition was made as an offering to fulfill a wish of Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche's by three of his disciples: Erik Pema Kunsang, Ian Saude and Michael Tweed.
May Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche swiflty return.

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