Gö Lotsawa Shönnu Pal

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'gos klo tsa ba gzhon nu dpal, 'gos lo tsA ba gzhon nu dpal, 'gos lo gzhon nu dpal (1392-1481)

One of Tibet's most famous scholars and historians. He is particularly well known for his Blue Annals (deb ther sngon po), translated into English by Nicolas Roerich, and his commentary on the Mahayana-uttaratantra-shastra. One of Gö Lotsawa's teachers was the famous Bengali scholar and Siddha Vanaratna, under whom he studied the Kalacakra teachings of Paṇḍita Vibhūti-candra and Anupamarakṣita. One of his students was the famous Thrimkang Lotsawa Sönam Gyatso (1424-1482), who also studied closely with Vanaratna. Another famous student of his was the 4th Shamar Rinpoche Chökyi Dragpa Yeshe (1453-1524). [TSD]

He is counted among the previous incarnations of Jamyang Khyentse Chökyi Lodrö.[1]

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Other Names

  • Gö Lotsawa Shyönnu Pal
  • Zhönu Pal