Jetsun Meaningful to See

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Jetsun Meaningful to See (rje btsun mthong ba don ldan) was one the main relics at Chubar retreat center, it was a statue of Jetsun Milarepa made by Rechungpa of clay mixed with Milarepa's nose-blood and funeral ashes (see note 16). It was later transferred to Lapchi and was lost during the Cultural Revolution. Among other relics also kept there were an ivory statue of Milarepa made by Rechungpa and a stone from Milarepa's cremation hearth, upon which the six-syllables of the mani appeared miraculously. Many of the contents of Chubar are preserved in crates at Lambagar, Nepal, just south of Lapchi. These may contain some of the precious relics mentioned above. [MR-ShabkarNotes]