na ro bon chung

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Naro Bönchung, in a contest of miracles with Milarepa. (RY)

na ro bon chung - Naro Bonchung, who competed with Milarepa in miracles at Kailash. (RY)

see also: bon ri - "Bön Mountain", in the north-east, a seat of the Gelukpa school. It was founded by the great meditator Khedrub Lobsang Norbu (mkhas grub blo bzang nor bu) on Bönri/Bonri, the hill which Milarepa had given to Naro Bönchung as a dwelling place after winning the ownership of Mt. Kailash in a contest of miracles. one of the eight monasteries around Manasarovar. (MR) (RY)