Nitartha-Sambhota conversion facility

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Nitartha-Sambhota conversion facility

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The Converter reinforces Nitartha-Sambhota's position as the universal conversion medium for translating major input and transliteration systems to create a unified database of Tibetan language information.


One of the greatest obstacles to creating electronic forms of Tibetan data results from the fact that files cannot be shared by different Tibetan word-processing programs. With the upgrade of the Nitartha-Sambhota conversion facility, Nitartha-Sambhota has made great strides toward overcoming those obstacles.

The converter works with a number of the leading file formats for Tibetan language encodings, including

The converter will also translate transliteration files to Tibetan fonts using the Sambhota 2.0 font sets. The converterallows the following direct conversions:

  • ACIP to Sambhota
  • ACIP to Wylie
  • Wylie to ACIP
  • Wylie to Sambhota
  • LTib to ACIP
  • LTib to Wylie