bka' ma

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Kama, the words of the buddha [the canonical teachings. non-terma]. (IW)

oral transmission, Kama, pronouncements, canonical scripture, spiritual or intellectual heir-loom, unbroken succession of scripture, canonical teachings (category of rnying ma tantras), oral transmissions from master to disciple by word, oral tradition. (JV)

Kama, Kahma. The Oral Lineage of the Nyingma School, the body of teachings translated chiefly during the period of Guru Rinpoche's stay in Tibet and transmitted from master to student, until the present day. 2) All the words of the Buddha; tradition, continuous tradition, (an oral tradition whose transmission has not been interrupted and is continuous); the Transmitted Precepts; the Canonical Teachings; Kama; the Oral Transmission. (RY)

Kama, the words of the buddha. (IW)

Oral Transmission, Canonical Transmission. (RY)