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Orgyen (o rgyan) from Uddiyana, Udyan, Oiyan, Urgyen.

  1. The country Uddiyana.
  2. The master from Uddiyana, i.e. Padmasambhava.

The country Uddiyana

Orgyen - also known as Uddiyana or Odiyan; home of many dakinis, and birth place of Padmasambhava; thought to be located in the Swat valley northwest of India, which borders on modern Afghanistan. In prehistoric times, the great demon of ego-clinging was subdued and liberated by Hayagriva and Vajra Yogini. As his body fell to the ground, the heart landed on the country of Uddiyana, forming the special auspicious coincidence for the spread of the Vajrayana teachings.

The master from Uddiyana

We have seen in use: master from Uddiyana, Orgyen, Padmasambhava, Guru Rinpoche, Uddiyana, Urgyen, precious master of Uddiyana.