gsangs sngags rdo rje theg pa

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  • Secret Mantra Vajrayana {gsang sngags rdo rje theg pa}. The Secret Mantra Vajrayana is able to make use of relative truth as a path by seeing phenomena as the unlimited display of primordial purity. The six classes of Vajrayana tantras teach this in an increasingly direct and profound way. The gateway to the Vajrayana is the empowerment, which is given by the spiritual master. [RY]
  • Secret Mantrayana (gsang sngags rdo rje theg pa), a synonym for Vajrayana. See Appendix 1. [MR-ShabkarNotes]
  • Indestructible Vehicle of the Secret Mantra; the Indestructible Secret Mantrayana; the Vajra-like Vehicle of Secret Mantra; otherwise known as Vajrayana. [BL]
  • secret mantra of vajrayana [IW]