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Shouldn't this be འཀྱག་གྲིར་འཆི། not 'ཀྱག་གྲིར་འཆི། ? - And should head words in a dictionary be terminated with "།" ? If not this should simply be འཀྱག་གྲིར་འཆི

Chris 11:17, 15 March 2008 (EDT)

Hi Chris

Although I had these same questions and needed to check the way the Keyman keyboard was presenting this particular ('kyag grir 'chi), it remains as is. It has to do with this particular assemblage of characters, and if you notice on the page of the list for ka (), there are a few others which came out this way as well.

Regarding the shad () at the end of words, phrases and names, we've had a fairly extensive discussion and actually, Andres Montano, the creator the Online Tibetan Translating Tool, had a 'think-tank' with the scholastic department-་heads at the University of Virginia, and it was decided that this is actually how Tibetans end their words, names and phrases, particularly when they consist of more than one, separated by the tshegs. (་). Note that the single syllables such as ka, ra, etc. stand on their own as is (), (), etc. We're just now starting out with the Tibetan character additions, so many of the links still appear in red until we actually create pages for each of these, complete with their definitions. Here's hoping all is well with you. --Richard 14:21, 15 March 2008 (EDT)