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Richard a little more advice please

I tried to get it to work, I did the {:names in English/Phonetic} I tried to look it up on the main Wiki site, the link for instruction. I get the impression your doing the {: }' thing to the main title but I have yet to find how to alter/change that part of a given page. I tried copying and paste you work and just adding the correct names but that to is not work. I thought before you last note the the ' you had on the Khen Jamgyal page, that to was not it, which I did not really know until your last note.

Anyway any more advice or direction to where to read/the name for what you doing (so I can look up). I dont think it is fare for you to have to go be hide me and have to do this to all. I would like to add to all the different 'Masters' page along with the Tib-uni and wylie.

Hi to you, dear Bj...

I understand your point about 'fairness', and thank you for that...but that's not a part of what I've been doing here for the last 3 years (in this RYWiki anyway, I mean). Editing is editing and one needs a professional outlook on this if one is to succeed (ANY of us I mean), in bringing this wonderful work to fruition. I know your intention Bj, (we've spoken before...) and it is naught BUT fair AFAIC. Please don't concern yourself with this.

Being 'professional' at these Wikipedia's requires a vast amount of understanding of basic human nature, and an ability to personally identify with any or even all aspect(s) of it's manifestation. This is what makes the nature of these Wikipedia's (especially our online Dharma Dictionary - simply due to this very nature!) such a rewarding and challenging form of actual practice-in-application - (to say the least! lol!). Our professionalism and whatsoever is required of anyone doing this kind of practice is built-in, and custom-made to these exact specifications of human nature itself! We're SO fortunate!

There will never be any problem as far as this goes or where I may be concerned.

If you look over what I and some others have been doing here, you'll see what I mean. Eric Colombel has provided some wonderful templates which makes OUR (yours, mine and everyone who contributes) jobs much easier. What I needed to do then, was to "play around with these different formats" and figure what takes the LEAST time and material space to perform. This is something you'll need to do on your own.

Now...this all having been said, the way you have been adding your wonderful material here has given ME some reasons to do exactly what it is I am asking you to do...which is to "play around" in what is called the "sandbox" which is a cute little term for the editing space boxes and the editing mode, and utilize your "Show preview" link to see how to manipulate these templates and linking abilities we have as editor/contributors, BEFORE you click on the Save page button.

All this for the benefit, of course, of all beings.

The point I'm making to you is that there's no formatted instructions, not at least where I'm concerned. I "played around" with what Eric Colombel and Erik Pema Kunsang and his friends (who just happen to be some of the world's formost translator/author/teachers) ...have provided, and came up with the fastest, most time and space saving far as I've gotten that is. Here we have SO much to learn...but more importantly, we're actually DOING it while learning at the same time through it's actual application! This becomes quite evident after a fashion.

Tibetans, and now us westerners fortunate enough to want to work to help this Tibetan culture spread throughout the planet without losing the potential of it's very culture, in and of itself have SO much to offer. How could we ever want to be so blessed as we are? --Richard 17:47, 27 July 2008 (EDT)