bca' ba

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1) drink. 2) notice. 3) cherish. 4) chewable; (prepared) food; intr. ft. of 'cha' ba [RY]

(prepared) food [RB]

1) will make, prepare, draw up, establish, vow, drink, notice, cherish, [chew]able, build, place; 2) food explained in the vinaya; 3) drink[s] [IW]

chewable [RY]

drink, grow, go, gain, cherish, to continue, to hold, take [JV]

1) construction, set up, base, formulation, building; 2) to construct, set up, base on, formulate, build, ready; 3) drink; 4) notice; 5) cherish; 6) prepared or chewable food. See also 'cha' ba [Erick Tsiknopoulos]