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vital essence/ quintessence/ distillation/ distilled essence [RB]

contents, beings, resident, nectar, elixir, all living beings, sap, juice, moisture, essence, invigorating, cordial, quintessence, inhabitants, taste, potency, nutrition, pith, nucleus, to extract, good substance, essential aspects [JV]

1) juice, sap, extract, essence, quintessence, moisture, nectar, potency, elixir, essential nutriment. 2) nutrient, nutrition, the nourishing part. 3) content. 4) to nourish. 5. Contents, inhabitants. // vitality [of the 5 elements]; vital essence, quintessence, distillation, distilled essence; a drink; elixir [RY]

1) essence, useful power; 2) juice, sap, nectar; 3) extract, essence, elixir; 4) taste; 5) contents; 6) moisture; 7) potency, [contained essential] nutriment, nutritious [IW]

1) essence, useful power; 2) juice, sap, nectar; 3) extract, essence, elixir; 4) taste; 5) contents (6) moisture (7) potency, [contained essential] nutriment (/ [3) w the power and/ or sensory qualities] [5) tea or chang in a cup and animate or sentient beings in the world Snod bcud] [IW]

1) vital extract, vital essence, vital elixir, vital nutriment, vital nutrient; 2) distilled extract, distilled essence, distilled elixir, distilled nutriment, distilled nutrient; 3) essential extract, essential elixir, essential nutriment, essential nutrient; 4) potent extract, potent essence, potent elixir, potent nutriment, potent nutrient; 5) vital potency, distilled potency, essential potency; 6) vital distillation, essential distillation, potent distillation; 7) distilled vitality, essential vitality, potent vitality; 8) vitalized elixir, essentialized elixir, concentrated elixir; 9) quintessence; 10) (inner/internal) contents, and in the sense of snod bcud, the inhabitants of the external environment which is their vessel (snod); 11) a medical elixir composed of the concentrated form of various powerful herbs, and often used as a tonic for overall physical strength and vitality, as in bcud len; 12) nutrient(s), nutriment(s), nutrition, nutritional value, nutritional potency [Erick Tsiknopoulos]