bdag nyid dang ni 'jig rten 'dis

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:m,-&{,-J{$-0-;=k   rin chen phreng ba las/

/bdag nyid dang ni 'jig rten 'dis/
/bla med byang chub thob 'dod na/
/de yi rtsa ba byang chub sems/
/ri dbang rgyal po ltar brten dang /
/phyogs mthar gtug pa'i snying rje dang /
/gnyis la mi brten ye shes lags/

/zhes gsungs pa'i lugs so/

If we, ourselves and all the world,
Should wish for unsurpassed enlightenment,
Its basis is a bodhichitta
Stable as the lord of mountains,
Compassion reaching out to all directions,
And a wisdom that transcends duality.

From Nagarjuna in Ratnavali