bde chen

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1) mahasukha, great bliss; 2) Dechen; 1) Dechen [ruled by stag rtze rdzong 2) region in NW Yun Nan great region where it meets si khron great region sa cha 'dabs 'brel yin, gzhogs E is the 'bri chu and W the zla chu rivers. In the region are 'jol, 'ba' lung and rgyal thang, 3) rdzong khag ruled by rgyal thang; mahasukha = the bliss of co-emergent wisdom] [IW]

great bliss, great happiness [RY]

1) mahasukha, great bliss; 2) Dechen region [IW]

great bliss, eternal delight, pure pleasure, great joy, felicity, consummate bliss, total bliss [JV]

Dechen phug, at Jomo Karak, in Tsang [RY]

Dechen, a cave at Jomo Karak [RY]

county in 21th cent Tibet. [RY]