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the words of the Buddha. (RY)

inspiration, command, order, oral explanation, precepts, behest, tribe in tibet, word, speech, pronouncements of buddha, dictates, teaching, transmitted precepts, instruction. (JV)

Skt. vacana . 1) precept, word, command, speech, order, utterance, pronouncement, edict, spiritual command, permission; directives, commandment, law, proclamation, proclaimed order. 2) instruction, teaching, advice; precepts. 3) the Buddha's Words, Teachings, the Canon, the canonical scriptures, the Buddhist scriptures. Syn bka' 'gyur; abbr. of bka' 'gyur sangs rgyas kyi bka'. 4) Kagyu; abbr. of bka' brgyud. 5) Kahma, abbr. of bka' ma, the Oral Tradition, transmitted precepts. (RY)

Buddha's word. (thd)

1) speech [h]; 2) prefix [h] - bka' chos, bka' bris, bka' mol; 3) ancient clan; 4) Buddha's words/ teaching [vs. the shastras the subject is dharma having meaning/benefit dang 'brel and, the function abandoning the kleshas of the three lower realms, the fruition showing the beneficial qualities of nirvana, its intrinsic predominant condition is the arising of the teachings in dependence on the Buddha. syn: bka' lung dang, nges bstan, rjes gnang, nyer bstan, nyer blangs, bstan pa. command, request, directive, commandment, precept, bka' brgyud = ('kagyu' or, transmitting buddha words) (in proper name), teachings, word, phrases and compounds, publication, leave of absence, diploma, missive, permit, a proclaimed order, mark, seal, maxim, command, order, speech, utterance, pronouncement, edict, the canon, buddhist scripture, advice publish, proclaim, reprimand, rebuke, consult, deliberate, dismiss, obedient]. (IW)

(spiritual) command/ pronouncement/ permission. (RB)