bka' 'gyur

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translated word of Buddha (108 volumes), 110 volumes of buddha's teachings in tibetan, instructions and precepts of buddha (108 volumes), translated word. (JV)

the Tripitaka translated into Tibetan. (RY)

Kanjur [collection of sutra teachings of Buddha]. (IW)

1) Kanjur [body of writings of the teaching of a buddha), the 'translated words' of the Buddha, from Sanskrit, the Buddhist Canon.]; 2) order, command, judgment. [?? As stated in the minor transmissions. the Three Pitakas of the Buddha's teachings, and the four orders of tantra translated into Tibetan all in arranged in one series of 104 or 108 vol.]. (IW)

Kangyur, the Tripitaka translated into Tibetan. (RY)

Kangyur. The "Translated Words" of Buddha Shakyamuni. The first part of the Tibetan Buddhist canon. Consists of more than one hundred volumes of scriptures. (RY)

1) Kangyur [a body of writings, the teaching of a Buddha]. 2) the Translated Words of the Buddha, from Sanskrit. 3) the Buddhist Canon. 4) order. 5) command. 6) judgment. Kangyur (one of the two parts of the Tibetan Buddhist Canon, the other being the Tangyur). (RY)