bka' bab bdun

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1) the 7 transmissions: 1) bka' ma 2) sa gter terma hidden in the earth 3) dgongs gter mind terma 4)re-concealed terma yang gter 5) sacred outlook dag snang 6) recollection rjes dran 7) hearing lineage snyan brgyud. (IW)

the Seven Transmissions. 1) bka' ma. 2) sa gter. 3) dgongs gter. 4) yang gter. 5) dag snang. 6) rjes dran. 7) snyan brgyud. canonical lineage bka' ma; revealed treasure sa gter; rediscovered treasure yang gter; mind treasure dgongs gter; recollection rjes dran; pure vision dag snang; and hearing lineage snyan brgyud. See also bka' babs bdun. (RY)

the 7 transmissions. (IW)