bka' blon

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1) [former Tibetan government officer rank = zhabs pad = sa dbang. In 1720 the Ching dynasty emperor khang shis kyis the Seventh Dalai Lama to Tibet phebs skyel gyis khri la 'khod skabs khang chen pa sogs la bka' blon positions were established srid skyong ngam Dalai Lama la took care of the administration of Tibet las rogs zhus pa. They were the 1st bka' blon which went on to 1959...] minister Cabinet/government minister nang srid bka' blon internal affirs minister]; 2) the kings commands la yo 'gal 'chos pa'i [prepare, display?) (IW)

1) * government minister; 2) the kings commands (la yo 'gal 'chos pa'i) [prepare, display]? (IW)

name given to 4 cabinet ministers who assist the rgyal tshab, high officer of state, minister, member of the Council of Ministers in traditional Tibetan government. (JV)

Cabinet Minister; counsel, advise; Kal�n, minister. (in Tibet). (RY)

minister. (RY)