bka' shag

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Council-house of ministers (in Tibet). RY

1) bka' shag's office: disputes office; 2) cabinet of Ministers [IW]

bka' shag office: disputes office [former structure of Tibetan government ching rgyal rabs [dynasty? gnam skyong rgyal po 30th year on the throne, in 1751, by conditions of disputes arising with 'gyur med rnam rgyal de snga cun wang ngam pe tses [chinese white cabbage?] chab srid [guiding the path of the chief duties of administration, governing, in the newly established bka' shag were included four appointed ministers, three skya and one ser, [lay/ monastic] and also two bka' drung gnyis and four bka' mgron bzhi, four gzim 'gag bzhi, and two are drung gnyis. By these the aam ban imperial representative residing in Tibet, and the Dalai Lama both kyi bka' bkod gzhir bzhag gis Tibet's affairs were resolved. In 1959 it was terminated by order of the rgyal srid spyi khyab khang [highest government office, who issues decrees etc.]. IW

court or council house of 4 bka' blon, the Council of Ministers in the traditional Tibetan government. JV