bkod pa

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'god pa to establish/ place. [RB]

(full) array/ display; to arrange/ display/ set in place; to compose (a text); isc. to be formed. [RB]

1) arrang[ed][ment; 2) skilled in means [scene[RY], attainments, plan, design, sights, structure, lay-out, arrangement, plan[ning], decoration, placement, manifestation, expression, creation, form, display, sights, instruction, direction, order, command, array, state [p 'god manifested, displayed, designed, arrayed, laid out, placed, proposed, arranged, established, created, built, structured, placed, spread, distributed wrote [down], composed, put together, compiled, set out established structure]. [IW]

gser gyi maN Dal la g.yu byir bkod pa - offered a golden mandala heaped with corals and turquoise. [RY]

lam la bkod pa - set onto the path. [RY]

landscapes. [RY]

distinct features. [RY]

pf. of 'god pa , 1) to arrange, array, be arranged, display, lay out, manifest, place, set, set out, spread, compile, compose, build, create, establish, plan, propose, put together, state, structure, write, write down. 2) arrangement, array, attainments, composition, creation, decoration, design, display, expression, form, lay-out, manifestation, order, placement, plan, instruction, scene, scenery, set, sights, spread, state, structure. [RY]

structured; arranged; distinct features. [RY]

to set forth [in writing]. [RY]

mentioned, designed, transferred, composed, form, plan, frame, array, trace on paper, arrange, display, displays itself, set up, is arrayed, placement, spread, distribute, arrangement, order, method of arranging, meditation, build, plan, ground-plan, outline of a building, delineation, sketch, shape, figure, sample, copy, building, edifice, structure, created, dimension, to establish, abides as, abides in, manifestation, manifests as, sceneries. [JV]