bkra shis tshe ring ma

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Tashi Tseringma

Tashi Tseringma. A female Dharma protector of Tibet [RY]

For more information see also Five Sisters of Long Life.

Tashi Tseringma. Syn jo mo tshe ring mched lnga [RY]

1) Tashi Tseringma. 2) Auspicious Lady of Long Life. 3) the chief of the five sister goddesses of long life. 4) protectors of Tibet and the Dharma [RY]

Tashi Tseringma (bkra shis tshe ring ma), chief deity of the bkra shis tshe ring mched lnga. She is white with one face and two arms, holding a golden nine-pronged vajra in her right and a long-life flask ornamented with an auspicious knot and a swastika in her left hand. Her mount is a white snow-lioness. [TSD]