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Bon-po [GD]

practitioners of bon [JV]

B"npo, [follower of] shamanistic Tibetan religious tradition [IW]

B"npo, shamanistic TTn religious tradition [, said to be founded by gshen rab lo dus thad re zhig dpyad gzhir bzhag chos lugs de dar che ba'i skabs su: brdol bon dang, 'khyar bon, bsgyur bon gsum du phye ba'i bon dkar dang, bon nag gnyis yod cing, in the religious practice of former times chiefly gtso bo lha 'dre were gsol mchod and gdon sri supressed by such means the conditions of life and death sel kho na were established and, bod rgyal pu de gung rgyal skabs nas bzung rgyal srid kyi 'dun ma'i gros khongs la dngos su tshud nas rgyal srid skyong rogs byas, after that the kings of Tibet were buddhists brten and between buddhism and B"n arose a fierce struggle. Eg. king khri ral pa can re vered the dharma and performed great means of supressing B"n. The B"n leaders killed him and by Lang Darma according to their wishes means were employed to anihilate the dharma. Therefore a buddhist monk killed Lang Darma etc. the tibetan royal lineage sil bur thor te med par 'gro ba'i nye rkyen zhig tu'ang gyur, afterwardsin this dharma tradition a view, meditation, and action like buddhism rig gzhung mang po appeared, de nas yang du cung zad nyams dams su song [IW]

Bonpo. The followers of the religion prevalent in Tibet before the establishment of Buddhism in the 9th Century [RY]