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the six lineages [IW]

the six lineages [of kama and terma of the early translation or Nyingma school 1) intentional lineage of buddhas, 2) symbolic lineage of awareness-holders, 3) and aural lineage of mundane individuals [1) rgyal ba dgongs pa'i brgyud pa, 2) rig 'dzin brda'i brgyud pa dang, 3) gang zag snyan khung gi brgyud pa] (those three ordinary lineages of kama and terma bka' gter thun mong gi brgyud pa gsum plus 4) bka' bab lung bstan gyi brgyud pa smon lam dbang bskur gyi brgyud pa, mkha' 'gro gtad rgya'i brgyud pa. Those three are the las 'phro gter gyi sgos brgyud gsum [IW]

Six lineages. See Six Lineage Traditions brgyud pa'i bka' srol drug [RY]

six lineages [RY]

six lineages. To be endowed with the sixfold transmission means the mind, sign, and oral transmissions; as well as the transmissions of compassionate blessings, of dakini mandate, and of empowered aspiration. To be endowed with the ninefold transmission means with the addition of the transmissions of written yellow parchment, of profound pure vision, and of ultimate realization. Alternately, the yellow parchment can be substituted with the transmission sacrament that liberates through taste. In this way there are many variations. [RY]