bsam gtan dang po

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the levels realized through the first concentration. First Dhyana. the first heaven of Gods in Concentration States is divided into. 1) tshangs ris. 2) tshangs pa mdun na 'don gyi lha 3) tshangs chen [RY]

1st dhyana [IW]

1st dhyana [one of the four dhyanas bsam gtan bzhi enjoyment of the desirable qualities of the desire realm being a fault, as for dhyana etc. it is peaceful and blissful/happy/wholesome zhi ba bde ba, by means of concept and scrutiny rtog and dpyod pa attain higher qualities. what does not accord is the passion/attachment of desire in the desire realm, agressive thoughts of harming gnod sems rnam 'tshe'i rtog pa and unhappy mind of suffering etc/ the limbs of the antidote of aandoning are rtog and dpyod and, the limbs of the beneficial qualities dga' and bde joy and bliss and, the limbs of gnas one pointed samadhi sems rtse gcig pa'i ting nge 'dzin five limbs altogether. (first heaven of Gods in concentration states is divided into tshangs ris tshangs pa mdun na 'don gyi lha [IW]

First Dhyana Realm. One is reborn within the Three Brahma Abodes in the First Dhyana Realm by cultivating the four immeasurables and the firelike concept and discernment. [RY]